• Multiplication Multiplication

    Learning and being able to quickly recite multiplication facts is vitally important to your child’s continued success in math, not only in third grade, but throughout the rest of school.  Knowing the multiplication facts will help in all areas of math, specifically division, reducing fractions, and solving equivalent fractions. 

    This year they will receive a bag with flash cards for them to take home, review, and practice each night. Please help them at home each night learn those facts by simply going through them several times.  They do not have time to stop and count, they must know them quickly.  We will test on these facts on the computer and they must be able to answer forty problems in less than four minutes.  If they can score above 90% in that time, then they will move on to the next set of flash cards.  When they have completed the 12’s flash cards, they will have three tests on all the facts they have covered.

      Play games and learn multiplication facts at the same time.
      Select the number you need practice and begin.
       Practice learning the times tables.