• Download our App!
    For iPhone:
    Step 1: Go to safari/website browser
    Step 3: When app downloads, go to your settings (for iphones)
    Step 4: Go to settings ---> General ---> Profiles
    Step 5: Tap [appname] then click "trust" and then "done!" ☺
    For Android:
    Ensure that Unknown sources” box  is checked to allow installation of non-market applications.

    1. Simply Open the URL on your Android Phone Browser http://apps.appypie.com/media/appfile/9e43f3db89de.apk

    2. This will download the .apk file.  After download completes, tap "install" and the app will install to your device. You'll be asked where to save it, and when the download is done you'll have the opportunity to 'open' it, this will launch the apps installer.

    3. Tap "install" and the app will install to your device. (Once the app is installed you can delete the .apk file you downloaded if you would like, it's no longer needed.)

Last Modified on February 29, 2016