Behavior Chart
  • For classroom management we use a Clip-Up/ Clip- Down system.  Each student has a clothes-pin with their name on it.  We have a color-coded chart that is located on the side of a filing cabinet in our classroom.  Students will always start the day on Green - Ready to Learn.  We try to "catch" kids doing the right thing and praise them for it.  They will move their clothes-pin up each time they are caught making a good choice. If they are off task or if they make a poor choice then they will move their clip down the behavior chart.  They will always have the opportunity to redeem themselves and move back up the behavior chart.  At the end of the day students will color their behavior calendar(for that day) to let parents know how their day went. If students are on green, blue or purple every day of the week then they get to choose a prize from the prize box on Friday!! Below is a legend to explain the colors.  There will also be a legend on their calendar.

    Purple - Great Job!

    Blue - Good Day!

    Green - Ready to Learn

    Yellow- Think About It

    Orange - Teacher's Choice

    In addition to our Behavior Chart we will be utilizing an online tool called Class Dojo.  Class Dojo will help you to know how your child is doing online.  We will be able to post pictures of activities so you will get an inside peek into your child's day.  You can download the app onto your phone. I am new to using Class Dojo, so I will be learning how to use it as we go throughout the school year.