• Employee Wellness Incentive Programs:
    Wellness for our employees is an important aspect of our overall sense of well-being and contributes to high performance on all aspects of work.  For this reason, we continue initiatives to provide access to as many health-centered programs as possible.  The incentives for these programs are listed below.
    • Flu Shots - FREE for those on BC/BS of NC
    • Wellness Assessment - FREE on-line assessment thru the BC/BS of NC
    • Reduced Rate for Gold's Gym: Corporate of $23/mo. vs $38 and FREE Enrollment fee vs. $99 (Spouses added at the same rates!)
    • Corporate Rate for Weight Watchers: $186/17 week program
    • FREE Joining Fee for YMCA memberships and reduced rates on memberships.
    • Reduced Rates for Statesville Fitness Center: Individual - $77 vs. $150 (in county) and $77 vs. $250 (out of county) For Families - $180 vs. $225 (in or out of county)
    • Three FREE visits to the Counseling Center of Iredell for all Mental Health concerns.
    • Davis Regional Medical Center: FREE Sports Clinics, 40% discount on Consultation visit, FREE Diabetes Support Group, FREE Cancer Support Group, FREE Better Breathing Support Group, FREE Parkinson Support Group, FREE Ortho Classes (for those with hip or knee replacements), FREE Pregnancy Tests, FREE Tours of Labor and Delivery rooms, FREE Childbirth Classes, FREE Breastfeeding Classes, FREE Super Sibling Classes, FREE/REDUCED Aqua Mommies and Shapley Mommies Classes for expectant and new mothers.
    • FREE Hepatitis B (series of 3 shots) - for BC/BS members of NC
      Opportunities for planned movement during the work day