• Helpful Hints and Suggestions: Substitute Checklist


    • Please report to the main office upon your arrival.


    • Bring your job number.


    • Check the teacher’s box for attendance sheets, important information, keys, etc.


    • Report to your assigned room.


    • Get familiar with your room layout and all evacuation routes.


    • Review lesson plans and needed materials.


    • Introduce yourself to the teachers neighboring you.


    • Check the day’s schedule and note times for: lunch, class changes, special activities, and times when students leave for special classes.


    • Review medical information; note students with special health issues.  Make certain those students taking medication go to the office at appropriate time.  Under no circumstances do you administer any kind of medication to students.  Any medication that is brought in should be taken directly to the office.


    • Write your name on the board.


    • Follow teacher’s attendance procedures upon student arrival; implement lesson plans immediately.


    • Make notes on the following:

    Beginning/ ending pages

    Student questions or concerns

    Student behavior

    Special announcements

    Equipment problems

    Parent contacts


    • Follow teacher’s instructions with regard to the grading of papers.


    • Collate at the end of the day all relevant materials for teacher’s return.


    • Make certain room is neat and orderly; turn out all the lights and close the door.


    • PLEASE NOTE:  Before changing any of the provided lesson plans, please consult the principal.