• 1st Grade Essential Skills
    I can show all 8 basic locomotor skills in different pathways, levels or directions.
    I can throw and catch by myself and with a partner.
    I can move and change from one locomotor skill to another without stopping.
    I can use locomotor and non-locomotor skills in a variety of different pathways, different directions, and different levels with music cues.
    I can move at different speeds and directions while using equipment.
    I can throw, catch, kick, dribble, strike, volley or punt using correct form.
    I can listen to feedback to improve my performance.
    I can do activities that increase heart rate and make me stronger.
    I can practice two or more exercises that make me healthy and stronger.
    I can play and learn outside of school.
    I can play actively for a long time with my friends.
    I can work with others.
    I can play nice to have fun.
    I can follow the safety rules.
    I can tell why I should keep hands and feet to myself.
    I can use good ways to handle sadness.
    I can name ways physical activity can help my body.
    I can name games/activities I play after school.