• Kindergarten Essential Skills
    I can move using different locomotor skills.
    I can begin to throw and catch.
    I can change one locomotor skill to another with or without music.
    I can move on a spot to a beat.
    I can use personal and general space, show and tell how to use pathways, levels and direction using different locomotor skills.
    I can show one or more correct part of a kick, throw, catch, dribble, volley, and/or strike.
    I can listen to my teacher to improve my movement.
    I can show and tell movement that makes my heart beat faster.
    I can name at least on healthy fitness word and an activity to show it.
    I can name different places that I can play.
    I can play for short periods of time and tell about the changes in my body.
    I can play with others in different games and activities.
    I can be nice and helpful to make games fun.
    I can use classroom rules to play safely.
    I can tell why sharing is important.
    I can name games/activities I play after school.