• Star Student
    Each week a student is chosen by me to be the Student of the Week.  In order to qualify for the Student of the Week, a student must not get their name on the board during the week and do a good job completing homework and working cooperatively in their groups.
    As Student of the Week:
    • A letter will come home for them to fill out about their favorite things. 
    • A picture will go on the Student of the Week poster by my desk.
    • They will get to be in the front of our line whenever we line up for enhancements, lunch, etc.
    • They get a special pillow to use during D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) and they may move to any spot in the room to read their book.
    • Their picture will be placed on my webpage for parents and family to see.
    • The student gets to put up any Owls we earn for the week for good behavior in the hallway.
    • The student will get to stamp our Parent Notes that go home on Friday.


    1st Nine weeks                                2nd Nine weeks                                     


    3rd Nine weeks                                4th Nine weeks