IMPACT Schools and Instructional Support Staff

Secondary Instructional Team
Secondary Instructional Support Team
(Blended Learning Instructional Facilitators, Instructional Technology Coordinators, and Secondary Curriculum Department Administrators)
(L-R Front Row: Jackie Parker, Sarah Paslay, Kristie Love, Stacy Wozny, Jaye Parks, Barbara Hill, Elisabeth White)
(L-R Middle Row: Magdalena Steytler, Alicia Conklin, Pamela Johnson, Kelly Cooper, Cindy Farmer, Susan Pope, Kelly Coban)
(L-R Back Row: Pamela Bumgarner, Toni Ingram, Traci Fox, Graham Lynch, Sherrard Martin, Phil Hardin)
Brawley Middle School - Stacy Wozny, BLIF  
East Iredell Middle School - Pamela Bumgarner, BLIF
Lake Norman High School - Graham Lynch, BLIF
Lakeshore Middle School - Magdalena Steytler, BLIF
Mount Mourne IB - Cindy Farmer, BLIF
North Iredell High School - Pamela Johnson, BLIF
North Iredell Middle School - Barbara Hill, BLIF
Northview IB - Elisabeth White, BLIF
South Iredell High School - Krystle Smith, BLIF
Statesville High School - Sarah Paslay, BLIF
Statesville Middle School - Traci Fox, BLIF
Troutman Middle School - Jaye Parks, BLIF
West Iredell High School - Alicia Conklin, BLIF
West Iredell Middle School - Kristie Love, BLIF
Blended Learning Instructional Facilitators (BLIF) 
Last Modified on August 10, 2016