• Citizenship

    Using chapter 5 in your book, complete the following neatly on a separate piece of paper or google doc.

    Write the definition for each word listed below and use it correctly in a separate sentence.                                                                                                     Responsibilities                       Duties                     Draft                                Tolerance                   Bureaucracy          Welfare                         Volunteerism

    Answer the following using complete sentences

    1.     What is the difference between a person’s duties and their responsibilities as a U.S. citizen? Give examples of each.

    2.     In your own words, explain tolerance.

    3.     Give 3 purposes for laws?

    4.     Name the principle that means the people are the source of all governmental power?

    5.     What age are children required to attend school until? Why do you think there is this requirement? How do you think it would change citizens and the U.S. if there wasn’t a minimum education requirement? Why?

    6.     Who is required to register for the draft in the U.S.?

    7.     Why do you think it is important for citizens to volunteer?

    8.     What term means a complex system with many departments, many rules, and many people in a chain of command?

    9.     In at least one paragraph explain what you think would happen if the legal duties of citizens became voluntary?

    10. Write at least 2 paragraphs explaining why you think citizens responsibilities to their communities are an important  part of our democratic system?