• The following link will provide you with the form you need if you choose to not allow your child to participate in all or parts of their respective reproductive education course. 


    Each curriculum contains three parts. 

    1. Human reproductive system
    2. Abstinence training / sexual violence
    3. Contraceptives / STD’s.



    If you return this form with (My child may not take part in this instruction).

    Your child will be given an alternate assignment during this unit. 


    If you don't return this form or return it marked (My child may take part in this instruction), your child will attend all parts of the curriculum. 


    If you only want them to attend certain parts of the curriculum, please note somewhere on this form which parts you don't want them to attend. 


    Thank you for your cooperation!



    If you have any questions feel free to call me at (704-876-4802)




    Mr. Shore


     ***Please note that all STD and contraceptive information will be taught separately by gender.***

    The boys will be taught by Mr. Shore and the girls by Mrs. Sprinkle.
    parental permission form