• Physical Education Learning Essentials
    I will participate in pre and post Fitnessgram tests, look at my results, and create a plan to increase my fitness scores to a healthier level; and I will check my heart rate during exercise.
    9.02 I can define aerobic, anaerobic, body composition, cardiovascular  endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.
    6.05 I can use my skills to play in team games.
    8.04 I can describe why regular physical activity is important.
    6.06 I can use my skills to participate in individual physical activity.
    8.01 I can list places other than school where I can be physically active.
    9.03 I can develop a plan to improve my overall fitness level.
    4.08 I can list ways to be more active.
    7.04 I can explain the connection between physical activity and my weight.
    10.04 I can display good sportsmanship.