Dear Parent or Guardian:


    Welcome to North Iredell Middle School or welcome back, whichever the case may be!  We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead in physical education.


    For our records and to insure the proper care for your child, would you please fill out the student information form (on the back of this sheet), sign, and return to us with your child as soon as possible.  Please check one category and, if necessary, write an explanation of your child’s condition or your concerns.  This will alert us to any medical restrictions your child might have and enable us to provide appropriate physical education activities.


    Also, please review the handout on Rules and Responsibilities for Physical Education so you will be aware of what is expected of your child.  Please stress that your child should not bring money, jewelry, etc. to PE class.  Your signature and that of your child is requested on the student information sheet.


    Students are required to dress out for physical education.  P.E. uniforms will be purchased through physical education class.  Those students who purchased clothes last year need not order again, but may do so if necessary.   The cost for the uniform is $15.00; or shirt $5.00 and shorts $10.00.  We also have used uniforms for $6.00 a set.  Cash is fine or you may make your check payable to NIMS.


    If you have any questions concerning our curriculum or any other aspect of the physical education program, please contact us through the school office between 8:00-9:00 a.m.


    Thank you for your interest and cooperation.



    Physical Education Department

    North Iredell Middle School


    Kasey Talley     

    Lance Everette

    Brandon Shore

    Josh Gregory