• "Blended learning is a strategy, not an outcome.

    -Ed Elements
    Click here to learn more about the IMPACT Grant and how the grant will have a positive effect our schools and district. IMPACT Grant Details
    Blended Learning F.A.Q.s 

    What is the vision for the IMPACT Grant? 

    1. Build learning environments that improve learning and teaching through the personalization of strategies and supports for students and educators 

    2. Accelerate achievement and deepen student learning by addressing the academic needs of each student while decreasing achievement gaps across student groups 

    3. Raise the effectiveness of educators and expand student reach to excellent teachers 

    4. Improve the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers 

    How will this impact students?

    •   Increase access and use of technology-enabled learning with a goal of a 1:1 device ratio 

    •  Use applied, authentic learning methods to increase depth of knowledge 

    •  Offer flexible learning environments that allow teachers to pull out students in frequently changing, flexible groupings for project -based learning, seminars, small-groups & tutoring 

    •  Individualize digital instruction using adaptive content 

    •  Provide focused, teacher-led instruction based on data from online-content systems 

    •  Create learning stations with structured, collaborative, standards-based activities 

    •  Work toward competency based progression

    How will this impact educators?

    •  Enable excellent teachers to reach more students replacing a portion of instruction with digital instruction 

    •  Create opportunities for differentiated, digital, and small group instruction 

    •  Leverage technology to meet student needs in real time through feedback loops 

    •  Provide professional development on blended personalized learning environments 

    •  Increase fidelity & responsiveness with frequent, well-informed instructional decisions 

    •  Provide instruction based on review of student work and data from digital assessments 

    •  Increase range of teachers, experts, or technologies

    •   Enhance collaborative instruction and supports 


    Will our district go to 1:1?

    Through our initiative we will utilize technology devices. Our goal would be to have a 1:1 initiative but the device costs, instructional needs and funding will determine the exact number of devices purchased.

    SEE the District IMPACT page for our exciting device announcement.