• Civil Rights
     You are going to watch a film about the struggle for civil rights in the mid-20th century. The film is a series of stories about important events that occurred during the civil rights movement - 
    1. The murder of Emmett Till
    2. The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    3. Integration of Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Ark.
    4. Lunch-counter sit-ins.
    5. Freedom Rides 
    6.. Birmingham, Ala.
       "Letter from a Birmingham jail"
       Bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church
    7. Voting rights actions
       Registration drive
       Murder of civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Miss.
       Murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson
       "Bloody Sunday" 
    Answer the questions on the sheet provided while you watch.
    Once you have watched the film, and completed the questions, step back from the specific incidents to think about the movement as a whole. Write down some answers to the following questions so that you can participate in a class discussion. Talk to the person next to you about these questions.
       What did you find most striking about the civil rights movement?
       What surprised or confused you about the civil rights movement?
       What were the goals of the civil rights movement?
       What were the strategies of the movement's participants?
       In what ways did the civil rights movement succeed? What made those successes possible?
       What remains to be done to create a truly just and equitable society?
       What questions do you still have about the civil rights movement?