6th grade
    Use the following Prezi to complete the note taking sheet. There are some examples of each Learning Characteristic on the Prezi but try to think of some of your own examples. In the Selfie Project part of the notes taking sheet, please think of examples that are about you. We will add these to our Selfie Projects next class. 
    7th Grade
     Use the link to complete the note taking sheet on child development, ages and stages. The sheets are in your folders. Be sure to include detailed notes about each age and with the corresponding area of development.
    When you have finished the notes, complete the following writing prompt:
    "I would like to babysit ________________ (fill in the blank with the age/stage that seems most interesting to you - infant, toddler, preschooler, school age child). Include at least 4 more sentences explaining why this stage seems fun to babysit by including details from your notes).
    These two assignments will be for a grade!! 
    8th Grade
    Use the the google slides below to complete the note taking sheet provided. We need to be familiar with these working definitions as we complete the Real Life Project.
    Once you have completed the notes, go to the second page of the Real Life Project Packet and complete Taxes (part 1, lines a-h). You will use your annual salary that you chose in the last class and you may use a calculator.  To calculate your Federal Income tax, you will take your salary and multiply it by the corresponding % of annual income ( e.g if your salary is $50,000/year, multiply it by 25% or .25 to calculate how much you will pay in Federal Income Tax).
    50,000 X .25 = $12,500 of annual income tax
    Complete lines a-h.
    Please show the sub your work when you are finished.