•  Trip to D.C.
         Part of the government's budget process involves planning projects that are dependent on taxpayer money.  In groups of 3-4, you will create a proposal for a class trip to Washington D.C. You will create a powerpoint, video or poster to represent your planned trip. The powerpoints/videos/posters should have labels describing the trip and images that represent the trip highlights.
        In order for governments to budget wisely they must keep track of expenditures. Part of that is to determine the cost of proposed programs. Each group will research and create a chart outlining trip expenses. Charts should include costs of transportation (to and from DC as well as while we are in DC, attraction tickets, meals, housing, and any other expenses).  Costs should be a grand total for the entire trip as well as cost per person. There are 30 people going on the trip (this includes students and chaperones) and your budget is $12000.
    Remember - 
       *You should have a minimum of 3 events for each day we are in D.C.  - Visiting The Mall is considered 1 event.
       *We are staying a minimum of 2 nights.
       *There will be 30 of us on the trip - we are all considered adults when booking rooms and travel expenses.
       *You must include 3 meals per day - does the hotel/motel have free breakfast?
       *You cannot exceed room limits. 
       *You cannot exceed $12000 ($400/person)
       * This is a civics and economics class and we are going to our nation's capital!! 

    Things to consider -  

    How are we getting there? Are there any parking fees? Remember, we need to get back home! What are we going to do? What do they cost? Do we need transportation? Is parking available? Is there a parking fee? Where are we staying? Is it close to the attractions? Will we need transportation to the attractions? How many days are we staying? You cannot exceed room maximums and we are all considered adults when booking the rooms. How are we going to eat? Is there complimentary breakfast at our hotel/motel? We have to eat 3 times a day!!!!