• IMPACT Vision
    Ignite a passion for lifelong learning by creating personalized, flexible gateways for students to learn anytime, anywhere.
    What is Blended Learning?
    Blended Learning is simply a method for changing the way learning takes place in the classroom where students learn both directly from the teacher in small focused groups and through digital content, projects and by using technology resources.  The idea is to personalize instruction to help each student on his or her individual level to be successful.

    What is a Blended Learning Coach?
    The role of the Blended Learning Coach is to support teachers in incorporating digital learning, small group instruction, and personalized learning opportunities for students. The Blended Learning Coach will work along with teachers to offer professional development, coaching, and team teaching to ensure a rich learning environment for all students.
    IMPACT Program Goals
    IMPACT Continuum
    Connections to the I-SS Model
    Blended Learning Rubric Domains
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