• Recall that when it comes to politics, a platform is a list of the actions or beliefs that a political party supports to appeal to the public.  Individual topics and a party's opinion on them are often called the "planks" of their platform. 
    With this activity, you will investigate planks from our nation's two major political parties (the Democratic Party & the Republican Party) as well as a third party (the Libertarian Party).  You will then reflect on your opinion of those planks. 
    1.  Choose a political topic that interests you from the following list:
    • national security
    • foreign conflict
    • international relations
    • healthcare
    • the national economy
    • social values & issues
    • political reform
    • the environment
    2.  Visit all three political party's websites that identify their party's platform and planks.  Search for information that relates to your chosen topic (it probably will not just come out and say it!)  Click on the links below these directions to reach each party's platform declaration. 
    3.  Complete the chart given to you by Mrs. Kelley while investigating how each party views that issue.  What is each party's view on that issue?
    4.  Reflect on which party's plank you believe in most for that issue.  Explain why it is over the other parties'. 
    The Democratic Party's Platform:  Click Here!
    The Republican Party's Platform:  Click Here!
    The Libertarian Party's Platform:  Click Here!