• Activity:  Where Am I On the Political Spectrum?

     We oftentimes label ourselves as being either "conservative", "liberal", "moderate", or belonging to any number of other political categories.  But where do you really fit?  Numerous tests or surveys have been created by political scientists to determine one's political ideology affiliation.  Let's take one now.
    To determine your potential political leaning/party affiliation, you will take a short survey that asks you about your views on some major issues that American political parties respond to with their own party's platform. Before taking the test, what do you think the results will be? What do you "label" yourself as?
    Click on the links below to go to the test! Make sure to keep the results open.
    On a sheet of notebook paper, address the following questions in 2 paragraphs using complete sentences.  Hand it in with your name at the top. 
    Questions to Reflect Upon in your Written Response:  What did the test say your political views are?  In other words, where on the political spectrum did you fall?  Did the test results confirm or reject what you believed your political leaning to be before you took the test?  According to the test results, why did it label you as belonging to that particular political view?  Do you agree with this assessment?  Why or why not?  Make note of particular views held by those political associations (the one you categorized yourself as belonging to and the one the test results labeled you as).