• What is Blended Learning?

    Blended Learning is simply a method for changing the way learning takes place in the classroom where students learn both directly from the teacher in small focused groups and through digital content, projects and by using technology resources.  The idea is to personalize instruction to help each student on his or her individual level to be successful.

    Blended Learning can take place in the classroom using several different models.  The Christensen Institute defines four basic Blended Learning models: Rotation model, Flex model, A La Carte Model, and the Enriched Virtual model.  


     Want to know more about blended learning?

    Christensen Institute Blended Learning Resources The Christensen Institute’s blended learning model definitions, blogs, blended school directory, research, design worksheets, and workshop help. 

    High-Quality Blended Learning Course A five-part set of modules on Khan Academy providing guidance on how to deliver high quality blended learning, including an introduction of definitions and models, creating the ideal student experience, teaching in a blended learning environment, redesigning a school toward blended learning, and making aligned decisions in a blended environment.

    Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools Blended is the practical field guide for implementing blended learning techniques in K-12 classrooms. A follow-up to the bestseller Disrupting Class by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael Horn, and Curtis Johnson, this hands-on guide expands upon the blended learning ideas presented in that book to provide practical implementation guidance for educators seeking to incorporate online learning with traditional classroom time. This book provides a step-by-step framework upon which to build a more student-centered system, along with essential advice that provides the expertise necessary to build the next generation of K-12 learning environments.

    Blended Learning Implementation Guide 2.0 The Learning Accelerator and Getting Smart joined with DLN to update this popular guide. Version 2.0 reflects feedback from schools and districts, developments in the field, and new educational technology trends. 

    A Guide to Personalizing Learning This guide provides information on why personalized learning is important, what it looks like in practice and Suggestions for the Race to the Top District Competition.

    Innosight’s The Rise of K–12 Blended Learning: Profiles of Emerging Models This resource from the Christiansen Institute shares forty examples of blended learning in action and identifies a range of approaches to utilized digital learning in schools. 


Last Modified on April 15, 2015