• Important Classroom Information
    I work hard to provide a fun learning environment for my students.  I want them to LOVE coming to school.  I want them to look forward to what we will be learning.  Please be mindful of comments you make about school.  Students often adopt the attitudes of their parents about school.  If you have a positive attitude about school, they will too!! Our day will be filled with learning experiences that will keep your child moving.  I hate to sit all day and I would never expect a small child to sit for long periods of time. We usually will have short whole group lessons, followed by rotations or stations.  
    Water - Students are welcome and are encouraged to keep a water bottle at their desk.  We will not be taking group bathroom water and bathroom breaks.  They may ONLY have plain water due to the mess other drinks can create.  We do not want to invite ants to our classroom.  If you send a refillable thermos, we can send it home daily or at the end of the week.  I DO NOT allow it to stay in class over the weekend.  That will ensure that the water bottles are being washed at least weekly and will not be a place for mold to grow.
    Extra Clothes/ Jackets - If you would like to send an extra set of clothes for your child to keep in their cubbie, we will put it in a labeled Ziploc bag.  1st graders often get so busy they forget to go to the restroom, or sometimes have large spills in the cafeteria.  I would encourage you to send in an extra outfit.  It can be just old play clothes. It can make your child much more comfortable and may save you a trip to the school :) I would also encourage you to send a hoodie or light jacket to keep at school.  Even in the summer... our AC can be extremely cold!!
    Bathroom breaks - We are fortunate to have a bathroom located in our classroom. We spend much of the day working in small groups and students are able to go to the bathroom as they need to. I do not require them to raise their hand and ask...it takes too much time for that!! When they need to go, they are able to go. I try to watch for the "potty dance" and will encourage the students to try to go if I see them, but on occasion students are so focused on having fun that they will have an accident.  If they do, we discretely get them their extra clothes and let them clean up.  We do have a few spare outfits in the office but they may not be a good fit for your child. It's best just to always keep an extra outfit at school, as the weather gets cooler we will send that outfit home and you can send a warmer outfit to keep at school.
    Snacks - We will have a snack daily.  We do a group snack. If you would like to send snacks to share it will be most appreciated.  If you want to send an individual snack for your child it is fine, but it works best if you just send in snacks to share.  For example a box of cereal or goldfish...the snacks do not need to be individually wrapped.  I will have a sign-up sheet on open house night for parents to choose a week to provide snacks for our class.
    Birthday Snack - Birthdays are a special time!! If you would like to bring cupcakes or a special snack to celebrate your child's birthday you are welcome to bring it to lunch. It has to be served AFTER the kids have already gone through the cafeteria line.  (Child nutrition and the district have policies that restrict us from having a special snack prior to lunch)
    2017-2018 1st Grade Curriculum
    To view information regarding what you child will learn this year, you may visit the N.C. Department of Instruction.  If you have any questions about the curriculum, please let me know.
    Social studies and science are taught on a thematic basis.