• Homework Policies and Procedures
    • Teacher Responsibilities- I will assign as needed, provide clear instructions for how to complete the assignment, and check to be sure that homework is completed properly the following day. I expect it to take most students 10 minutes to complete the spelling homework if they are working steadily. Somedays it will take less time.
    • Student Responsibilities- The students will bring their homework folders(red) to and from school each day.  All homework is to be completed by the students.
    • Parent Responsibilities- The parents should check the homework folder each night and make sure the homework is complete and neatly done. 
    • I understand that families have children involved in sports and family fun time and I do not want to intrude on that special time.  However, if you spend a little time each day to help your child have consistent practice of skills that were taught in reading and phonics we will see HUGE improvements!! If your family has an extremely busy night and would prefer to double up on Letterland HW it is fine with me!! Please make reading for 20 minutes a nightly activity.  Studies have proven that reading at least 20 minutes is best to help improve student's vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

    Nightly Homework Expectations: 

    • Read 20 minutes and complete Reading log, you can read with your child, to your child or they can read to you
    • Spelling Homework - Letterland (instructions at bottom of weekly unit sheet)
    • Review sight words
    • Clean out Binder (show parents notes, graded work)