• Welcome to CCTL's Digital Writing Lab for CCTL Students

    The mission of the CCTL Digital Writing Lab is to provide writing peer-review services for students of CCTL in high school and college classes.

    The services will include proofreading and suggestions for revisions and edits.
    Digital Writing Lab Peer Reviewers Will:
    • Review your work for content; grammar, usage, and mechanics errors; and format
    • Respond to your papers within a 24-hour school day period. If you submit over the weekend, the reviewers will respond within 24 hours of the next school day.
    • Dedicate themselves to the idea of helping others succeed
    • Adhere to the guidelines and expectations of the Digital Writing Lab
    • Research and validate information before making revision and editing comments
    • Ask for assistance from other peer-reviewers or sponsors (Ms. Forbis and/or Mr. Davis)
     The Digital Writing Lab is NOT:
    • A revision and editing service
      • Reviewers will make NO CHANGES to any student’s submissions.
    • A dating or chat service
      • All interactions with students who submit work will remain on a professional and educational level.
      • All comments on submissions will be professional, academic, and grammatically correct (Standard English).
    • A club for socializing
    • A competition to see who makes the most comments (Quality over Quantity)
    Submission Guidelines:
    (Note - Failure to follow these guidelines and instructions will result in failure to review your work)
    • Writers must submit work a minimum of 3 school days prior to due date. After that, reviewers make no promises.
    • Peer-reviewers will respond within 24 hours (school days).
    • Writers will receive an email when review is complete.
    • Writers may submit the following:
      • Thesis/Claim
      • Outlines (speech or essay)
      • Essays or research papers (give a longer lead time for longer papers)
      • Course forum posts w/ prompts
      • College acceptance and/or scholarship essays (7 day lead time)
    Submission Instructions:
    • With each submission, the writer must provide the following:
      • Text of the entire assignment, assignment requirements (including style APA or MLA) and due date
      • A sentence under the assignment explaining what the writer is most concerned about in the writing
    • If submitting writing that includes research, writer must submit citations for sources on a Works Cited page (in the same Google Document).
    1. Use CCTLEC.ORG Drive
    2. Create a Google Document.
    3. Name the document - lastname DUE DATE.
    4. Copy and paste required information and your writing into document.
    5. Share with writinglab@cctlec.org.
    6. Give Comment Only access rights. 
    7. You may respond to peer-reviewer comments for clarification only.
    8. You should resolve or delete comments once you have addressed them.

    MLA Guide

    Writing Lab Quick Tips for Students

Last Modified on December 11, 2014