• The comprehensive school counseling program at Mt. Mourne IB Middle School includes the following direct and indirect student services:
    Direct Student Services
    School Counseling Core Curriculum
    • Instruction - Direct instruction through classroom delivery, team teaching, co-teaching and assisting with lesson plans which promote academic, career or personal/social development.
    • Group Activities - Conduct group activities which support instructional goals.  Examples: community service, college/career fairs, student team building, student leadership workshops.

    Individual Student Planning

    • Appraisal - Work with students to analyze and evaluate their abilities, interests, skills and achievement.
    • Advisement - Help students to make decisions for future plans based on academic, career and personal/social data.
    Responsive Services
    • Counseling - Counseling sessions in individual or small group settings to help students overcome barriers to development and achievement.
    • Crisis Response - Support and assistance to students as they navigate crisis or emergency situations.


    Indirect Student Services
    • Referrals - Direct students and parents to school or community resources for additional assistance or information.  Examples: tutoring, career support, college planning, community mental health agencies, and community counseling agencies.
    • Consultation - Share strategies which support student achievement with parents, educators, and community organizations.
    • Collaboration - Work with educators, parents, and community to establish programs and interventions which promote student success.  Examples: advisory boards, school district partnerships, and parent workshops.


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Last Modified on September 6, 2016