Training Resources for PowerTeacher Pro (updated Sept. 2018)

  • PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Video Tutorials:

    DPI's Webpage with videos 

    *New Sept. 2018

    Copying Traditional Grade Calculations (from nine weeks to nine weeks and course to course - we've been waiting for it!)

    Ditch that Pencil (webinar recording)  

    This webinar is designed for beginner level only, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the many components of PowerTeacher Pro and the navigation of the PowerTeacher Pro platform. Participants will learn how to log-in, setup classes, set display and grading preferences, create categories, set term weighting, create assignments, and track grades and student progress.   

    PTP Tips & Tricks (webinar recording)

    In this webinar, the following topics will be addressed:

    • Creating reports (demographics, grades from other classes, etc.)
    • Creating student groups within a class
    • Using Fill for grades, comments, etc.
    • Accessing dropped students
    • Entering past grades for new students in past grading periods
    • Transferring grades from Schoolnet (How to)
    • Setting defaults for assignments
    • Extra Credit (Percent & Points)
    • Manually overriding grades
Last Modified on October 3, 2018