• Areas of Disability:


    AU                    Autism Spectrum Disorder


    DB                    Deafness-Blindness


    DD                    Developmental Delay


    DF                    Deafness


    ED                    Serious Emotional Disability


    HI                     Hearing Impairment


    ID                     Intellectual Disability


    OHI                   Other Health Impairment


    SI                     Speech and/or Language Impairment


    SLD                  Specific Learning Disabilities


    TBI                   Traumatic Brain Injury


    VI                     Visual Impairment



    Other Acronyms for EC Listed Alphabetically:


    ADD                 Attention Deficit Disorder


    ADHD               Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


    AIG                   Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted


    APD                 Auditory Processing Disorder


    AYP                 Adequate Yearly Progress


    BA                    Behavioral Assessment


    BASC               Behavior Assessment System for Children


    BIP                   Behavior Intervention Plan


    CAPD               Central Auditory Processing Disorder


    CC                    Cross-categorical


    CEC                 Council for Exceptional Children


    DPI                   Department of Public Instruction


    ELL                  English Language Learner


    EOC/EOG         End of Course/Grade

    ESY                 Extended School Year


    FAPE               Free Appropriate Public Education


    FBA                  Functional Behavior Assessment


    HFAU               High Functioning Autism


    IDEA                 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


    IEP                   Individual Education Program


    IQ                     Intelligence Quotient


    ITP                   Individualized Transition Plan


    LEA                  Local Education Agency


    LEP                  Limited English Proficiency


    LRE                  Least Restrictive Environment


    NCDPI              North Carolina Department of Public Instruction


    NCLB                No Child Left Behind


    OCR                 Office of Civil Rights


    OCS                 Occupational Course of Study


    OSEP               Office of Special Education Programs


    OT                    Occupational Therapy


    PLP                  Present Levels of Educational Performance


    RTI                   Response to Intervention


    SCOS               Standard Course of Study


    SLP                  Speech Language Pathologist




Last Modified on July 26, 2018