• Teacher Tube  Videos for teachers
    NeoK12  Educational Videos and Games about Science, Math, Social Studies and English for K-12 Students.
    WatchKnowLearn Collection of Educational Videos, organized by subject area.
    PBS Learning Media Video and lesson plan resource from PBS.org.
    The Futures Channel This website features careers in science and math.
    Prezi  On this site, you can make a presentation, or find one someone else has made, and shared. (You can edit theirs to fit your needs)
    Popplet This site can be used to create diagrams, and to brainstorm ideas with the class.
    Between the Lions This site is from the PBS show that promotes literacy for children.  There are games, stories and videos.
    Google Chrome Apps for Education This page has apps that can be added to Google Chrome and used in the classroom.  Almost all of them are free, and there are tons to choose from.
    ABCya! Word Clouds for kids.  This site is similar to Wordle, but more kid-friendly.  Students can make word clouds of facts, or whatever they want.  ABCya! also has educational games for all grade levels!
    Storyline Online  This site has a collection of books read by actors and actresses.  There are also activity guides for the books on the site.