• Adapted Physical Education Program

    Iredell-Statesville School District provides adapted physical education services for children who are eligible under the Exceptional Children Services Department. Adapted Physical Education is a sub-discipline of physical education. It is an individualized program created for students with disabilities in order to ensure safe and successful physical education opportunities. The general goal of physical education and Adapted Physical Education are the same. Both seek to maximize each child’s physical fitness levels, positive self-image, and social awareness and behavior. Every child with a disability must receive physical education services, but not necessarily a specially designed Adapted Physical Education program.  Physical education involves physical fitness, motor fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, dance skills, individual, group games and sports. A student who is physically or cognitively delayed/impaired but is able to participate in a regular physical education class with only minor modifications does not require Adapted Physical Education.


    If you have question or concerns, you may contact the Jeremy Quick or Sherry Smith at ADR by phone at (704) 873-9432.

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Last Modified on April 28, 2016