LNHS Graduation Project Information
The NC Graduation Project is a performance-based assessment that allows for meaningful student engagement with teachers, parents, and community members who assist students in expanding their education beyond the classroom walls by helping them to move beyond the discovery of basic facts and to engaging in critical thinking/problem solving. 

Students are required to:

  • write a Research Paper that requires them to develop a chosen topic, conduct the necessary research, and write proficiently on that topic
  • create a Product linked to their research paper that demonstrated a learning stretch for the student
  • organize a Portfolio that serves as a record of project activities and is submitted digitally
  • give an Oral Presentation in which they demonstrate their understanding and their process
  • Junior Due Dates

    March 24th - Rough Drafts Due

    April 31st - Final Drafts Due


    Senior Due Dates

    February 8th - Product Proposal Form Due

    February 14th - Mentor Qualification Form Due

    March 30th - Digital Portfolio Due

    April 4th and 6th - Grad Project Presentations

Last Modified on February 1, 2017