• This card system is a little different than most because students have an opportunity to move up from green with good behavior. They move down from green if they are making bad choices. All students start at green every day!

    Card System (move clip)

    If students are not following the directions and they have been warned several times he/she will be asked to move a clip. Here is a description of what happens when a clip is moved:

    • Super Student
    • Way to go
    • Excellent effort
    • Green – Ready to learn
    • Yellow – Needs to make better choices
    • Blue - Time away (student will sit away from the other students and think about making better choices)
    • Orange – Teacher choice (students may lose a few minutes of free play or sit on silent lunch)
    • Red – Office Referral

    Our class will follow the school behavior system.  Each student has an opportunity to earn tickets each day.  Tickets will be spent at our classroom "Soar Store."
    This link will direct you to the school behavior plan and expectations.


    Behavoir System

    If your child is having a hard time following directions then they are going to goto the “Take a Break” area, which is located in our classroom.
    This is not a traditional "Time Out". This is aplace in the classroom where children can take a moment to decompress, take abreather, or think about making different choices. During this time they will be able to think about “What happened” and “What they can do differently next time.”  
    *Children may be sent or visit on their own.

    *They will only stay there for about 1 or 2 minutes and usethe timer so they don't stay too long.

    *There will also be some items located in this area to help refocusyour child:

    ~Stress balls to squeeze ~Smallstuffed animal to hug ~Notebook, pencils, and crayons to draw and write aboutfeelings ~Mirror to see the emotion on his or her own face in order torecognize it ~Emotion Reference Poster ~Reflection Poster ~Self Calming cards

    If your child is sent to the“Take a break” area a note will be sent home explaining why.  Please have a brief discussion with him/heron why they visited this area and what they can do differently the next day! Ifthis system is not working for your child we will have to figure out adifferent way to deal with his/her behavior.