Crossroads Arts & Science Early College has several support staff members. They are a very important part of our school and their jobs help to ensure that every student is successful.  
    Bookkeeper - Lanise White
    Contact information:
    lanise_ white@iss.k12.nc.us 
    Ms. White is the Crossroads bookkeeper and a cheer coach at Statesville High. Her door is always open to the students and staff that need her assistance. 
    Data Manager - Donna Whitener
    Contact information:
    Mrs. Whitener is the friendly voice and smiling face behind our attendance office. She handles attendance, testing, and all things PowerSchool. 
    DLA/TA - Bronte Underwood 
    Contact information: 
    email: bronte_underwood@iss.k12.nc.us
    Ms. Underwood is the master of all things textbook and technology.  She handles our technology work orders, issuing college textbooks, oversees the NCVPS students, and runs our seminar classroom.  
    Custodian - Coleman Davidson 
    Mr. Davidson keeps our school clean and running smoothly. He is an important part of the school helping us set up for special events and making sure the learning environment is clean and productive. 
Last Modified on June 11, 2018