I strongly believe in open communication between the teacher, parents, and students. The best way to reach me is through email at lbrown@iss.k12.nc.us or Remind (your student was given directions for signing up for Remind). I have also listed the class codes below for you to access.  Remind acts like a text message- I can send out group messages to the class such as nightly homework reminders and you can respond to those messages, but your response is private between myself and you. Remind and email are the quickest ways to reach me, but I can be reached by phone at 704.872.4666 during my planning block. I have listed my planning blocks by quarter below.

    I will have all assignments, test, quizzes, and research dates on the calendar in Canvas.  If you would like to view it, have your child pull up their Canvas account and you can see the calendar.  Please remember that dates are subject to change and your child should be in the habit of checking the calendar daily. 

    If you want to check your child's grade in my class, you can have them pull it up in Powerschool or sign up for the parental acccess (directions were attached to your child's schedule from Open House). I try to put in grades throughout the week, and often do more updates on Sunday nights. Because different assignments are worth more than others, such as a test being worth more than a homework assignment, you cannot simply average the grades you see in Powerschool. If there is a question or concern about their grade, please email or message me in Remind so that I can check on it and get back to you. If a grade looks like this: -/100, that means that the assignment hasn't been graded yet.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Remind: **When you sign up, please identify yourself as, for example, "Elizabeth's mom, Leigh Brown", or if you are the student, then use your first and last name.

    Text your class's code to 81010:

    5th period, Teal Class: @brown8ela

    1st period, Blue Class: @brown7aela

    2nd period, Purple Class: @brown2ela

    6th period, Red Class: @brown6el



    Planning Blocks:

    1st Quarter: 4th block 11:47-1:15

    2nd Quarter: 6th block 2:21-3:25

    3rd Quarter: 1st block 8:15-9:15

    4th Quarter: 2nd block 9:41-10:41


    Parent Guides for Standards and Curriculum

    7th Grade Parent Guide

    8th Grade Parent Guide