• Shoe Bead & Behavior Chart
    To earn a SHOE bead the ENTIRE class must have their "sneakers" during class. If they do an "S" mark goes next to their classes initial on the behavior/shoe chart. 1st and 2nd graders have PE laces this year with connectors to make it easier for them to connect themselves.  3rd graders will receive "chains".  When the class earns the bead they put the bead on their laces/chains in the classroom.
    Behavior beads are earned when ALL of the class follows the classroom rules. The students have learned the "thumbs up" system to show me where their class ends for that period based on the posted rules. If the class does not have a "thumbs up" they do not receive a bead.
    The students know what my expectations are and they are learning to expect the same from one another. A star or smiley face goes next to their class name at the end of class when they earn the award.
    Month                              Bead
    September                                   Clear
    October                                              Orange
    November                                        Black
    December                                    Clear Colored
    January                                                   White
    February                                                  Hearts
    March                                                      Pink
    April                                                      Silver Metallic
    May/June                                   Light Blue

    Shoe Beads:
    1st - 4th

    Each quarter the K-2nd grade class that has the most "star" stickers on the shoe chart will earn the "Sneaker Award". The 3rd-5th class with the most "star" stickers will also earn the "Sneaker Award". This award hangs outside their classroom door until the next quarter.
    Thank you to the Wonderful parent who gave me two pairs of their rather BIG "sneakers" in order to provide this award for the classes. :)