• Level 2 Student Supply List 2018-2019


    June 8, 2018

    Dear Parents and Guardians of Rising 7th graders,

    We would like to start by welcoming you and your 7th grader to our team.  We look forward to working with each of you. Our philosophy in 7th grade is a team approach.  We partner with you for our common goal for your child to have his/her best year ever! Please let us know what we can do to ensure your child’s success.


    • Technology Usage Fee ($50) for 2018-2019 $50 to be paid in August
    • 1 pair of earbuds to keep in book bag
    • 1 flashdrive (to be used in all subjects- the same one as last year is fine)
    • 2 Binders (1 for A day/ 1 for B day)
    • 3 Composition notebooks (Science, Math and Foreign Language)
    • 5 page protectors for Social Studies
    • interactive Math notebbok ($5 donation requested, if you would like to donate more to help offset costs it is greatly appreciated!)
    • Optional but strongly recommended- Ti-84 Graphing Calculator. (will be used next year and in high school)

    The rest of the items may need to be replaced periodically throughout the year

    • Notebook paper
    • Graph Paper (¼ inch)
    • Several Individual tape dispensers for interactive notebooks
    • #2 pencils and blue/black pens
    • Erasers 

    Optional, but helpful

    • 1 dry erase marker
    • 1 highlighter (any color)
    • Colored pencils/ markers for home use
    • Index cards

     Field Trip

    We’d like to offer your child (and you) an invitation to our Washington trip.  This trip merges very well with our Level II Social Studies curriculum with visits to the Holocaust Museum, The Newseum and Memorials while it also previews Level III curriculum visits with Arlington and Capitol Hill.  In fact, this trip aligns with all subjects in Level II, and we feel it’s a capstone experience to the 7th grade year.

    The tentative dates are April 29th- May 1, 2019.  We have reserved our spot with the tour group already, but we await School Board approval each year.  Doing a trip during the week allows us to have smaller lines at attractions and saves us money with hotel rooms.  Current planning cost is roughly $400 depending on the number of students/chaperones attending the trip.  We anticipate having several fundraisers next year to help offset overall costs and individual costs.  

    If you have any questions please contact regina_yount@iss.k12.nc.us  for more information.  There may be a limited number of scholarships available.  If you are interested in helping with fundraising please let Mrs. Yount know ASAP!  We must have parent/guardian participation with this.

    We are looking forward to an awesome 2018-2019 school year as partners with you,


    The Level II Teachers at Northview



Last Modified on June 12, 2019