• Attendance

    Scheduled performances and rehearsals—Students are required to attend all scheduled performances and rehearsals..  Students will be excused for personal illness, death in the family, ”once in a lifetime event”, school related activity such as PSAT, College Board, ACT, academic competitions or trips.  Even if it is an excused absence, student will be required to complete a make up assignment (either written, performance or both as determined by the director) within 5 days of the missed performance.  Failure to do so will result in a “0”  for that performance.


    Students may be asked to sit out of a performance for any of the following reasons:

    1.  Wearing the uniform in an inappropriate manner (not complete/fully dressed)

    2.  The uniform looks unkempt, stained, or wrinkled due to poor care

    3.  Shoes are not properly cleaned, or are not official band shoes.

    4.  Long hair is not in a ponytail in the hat.

    5.  Failure to remove all visible jewelry.

    6.  Do not know their music or drill

    7.  Cannot stay in step for extended periods of time.

    8.  Behavior infractions, write ups, suspensions—see information below

    9.  Do not have their instruments

    10.  Do not have all of the items they need to perform

    11.  Failure to complete and return medical forms and information.

    12.  Is unprepared due to an extended absence

    13.  Failure to return signed student contract

    14.  Lack of preparation of the required material/drill/music to perform following a missed rehearsal

    15.  Other to be determined by the director and SHS administration.   Parents will be informed.


    Missing two performances (unexcused) in a given 9 week period may result in dismissal from the marching band / concert band.

    Work is not an excused absence since you are being provided with a schedule prior to any required activity.  Most jobs will work with students IF you act responsibly and inform them ahead of time.

    In the event a change is made in a scheduled performance or rehearsal, students are encouraged to make every effort possible to adapt to that change.   If ample notice of a change is not possible, the policy on absences will be adjusted accordingly.


    There is no way to actually make up a missed performance.  If you miss a performance for any reason, you must play or make a video recording of yourself playing all the music for that performance and return said recording to the band director within two days of the missed performance.  The highest grade(s) you will receive will be 80% because band is a performance based class and one person missing affects the entire group.