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    Woodland Heights Academy is an after-school program designed to enrich the curriculum for Woodland Heights students.  It is sponsored and administered by the WHE PTO and offers students exposure to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as golf, guitar, Spanish, and much more.  Classes are taught by local businesses and individuals who bring their passion and expertise to our students.

    REGISTER HERE   (Registration opens on Monday, February 6th 9:00am)

    There are two sessions each year – one in the fall and one in the spring. All classes are held immediately after school and end at 3:30PM. 



    All Dolled Up (K-2)

    Mondays: 6 weeks

    Grades: K-2

    Cost:  $135

    Class Description: Our little doll lovers will design and embellish a fancy dress and make matching beaded jewelry. They will paint and decorate a jewelry box to store their jewelry treasures. Other projects include doll painting with an art easel, making a hammock swing and Emoji pillow and celebrating the last class with Easter/Spring treats and party.



    Mondays: 9 weeks

    Grades: K-5

    Cost: $100.00


    Class Description: K­2nd students will role­play animals and characters found in folktales, stories, and books and engage in activities that focus on movement, voice inflection, and beginning improvisation. Grades 3rd­5th students will practice voice training, characterization, improvisation, scene study, and story creation through a series of unique games and activities.


    Cake Decorating  

    Mondays: 6 weeks

    Grades: 4-5

    Cost: $165 (Course price includes supplies used in class including lots of buttercream, cupcakes made by Creative Cakes by Allison, Satin Ice fondant, piping bags, tips, sprinkles/sanding sugars and other decorating supplies.)

    Class Description: This is a fun class to learn about cake and cupcake decorating! Great for beginners and non-beginners! Students will be taught the guidelines for cake decorating (tools, terms, techniques, and methods) and various ways to decorate. A decorated cake will be the final project. See WHE PTO website for additional details and supplies. 


    REQUIRED TOOLS TO BRING TO CLASS: 9” Fondant rolling pin (approximate cost $6) and a 12” turntable for cake decorating (approximate cost $16). Both can be purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons.

    Mighty Milers

    Mondays:  8 weeks

    Grades: ALL grades

    Cost: $75

    Class Description: This spring we will focus on both long distance and short distance running, strength training and conditioning. Students mileage will be logged into the NYRR program Strides. As they achieve their goals, they will receive incentives through NYRR. Incentives include t shirts, hats, wristbands, water bottles. For those runners joining us from the fall session, the incentives will build on the mileage already attained.


    Explore the world of Spanish

    Mondays: 6 weeks

    Grades: 2-5 Cost:  $130

    Class Description: Let’s travel into a world of Spanish fun as we learn introductions, food and directions around town. We’ll learn all we need to know as we emerge ourselves into new country and culture. As we travel to Spanish speaking countries, we will “decode” menus, discussing our favorites and ordering fruit in our very own mercado. Let’s not forget the excitement of exploring a new town! We will create city maps, locating the most important stops...parks, train stations, schools, restaurants, etc. Sing, dance and eat your way into the basics of Spanish! Students will make a take home book for practice and future reference.


    Art Paint Break with Jin

    Tuesdays: 10 weeks

    Grades: 3 -5

    Cost: $105

    Class Description: Come enjoy a paint break with Jin's Art Studio LKN. Jin will take each child step by step and in 1 hr they will leave with their own 12x12 masterpiece. Each child will learn how to hold a brush, learn new strokes and techniques while having fun with paint. All supplies provided, all levels accepted & creativity encouraged!

    Guitar Presto


    Grades: 3-5

    Cost: $165

    Class Description: A beginner approach to Guitar instruction. Fun-filled guitar class will teach your student the basics in guitar technique and music theory. Emphasis will be placed on posture, position and note­ reading skills, rhythm reading, and geographic location of the letter names on the strings, while developing finger dexterity. Your child will be able to play familiar songs by the end of this program.

    Lake Norman United Lacrosse

    Tuesdays: 8 Weeks

    Grades: K -2

    Cost:  $85

    Class Description: Sponsored by Lake Norman United Lacrosse League, this course will introduce your child to the fundamentals of Lacrosse. Our instructors will teach basic stick skills, scooping, throwing, catching and basic positioning, all in a fun filled,  co-ed environment.

    Quick Start Tennis

    Tuesdays: 8 Weeks

    Grades: All

    Cost: $85

    Class Description: Basic instruction designed for elementary school kids with lower net and softer balls. Students can bring their own racquets or one will be provided for use during class.

    Sail Away with Yoga

    Tuesdays 6 weeks

    Grades: All

    Cost: $70

    Class Description: The ocean is calling you. Join Moana & Maui on a great journey exploring yoga poses, games, breath work, songs and stories. Set a course to find the way!!

    Superhero In You!

    Tuesdays: 6 weeks 

    Grades: 3-5

    Cost: $125

    Class Description: Does your child worry about EOGs? Do they get stressed out when things change ­ new school, new team, new class? Would you like your child to be more focused and grounded? In this program run by Synergy Wave, your child will learn how to concentrate, reduce stress, and be more centered. This is great prep for the coming testing season.



    Wednesdays: 8 weeks

    Grades: K-5

    Cost: $100

    Class Description: This class is designed to be an introduction to Acrofitness’ street tumbling, cheer, parkour, zumba, cheer and hip hop designed to get your child moving! Please see their website for more information and demonstrations of their style: www.acrofitness.com. Please note that we will need at least one parent volunteer to assist with dismissal each week.

    FUNctional Ceramics

    Wednesdays 6 weeks:

    Cost: $125

    Class Description: Students will learn the basics of turning earthen ware clay into a functional, glazed work of art! This session, we will make large pots for potted plants. On the last day, each student will bring home a one­of­a­kind potted plant just in time for Spring! If time permits, there will be one “free­ build” day when kids can create whatever they want. Students will love creating and glazing works of art that can be treasured for years to come!


    Learning With Legos

    Wednesdays: 6 weeks

    Grades: All

    Cost: $85

    Class Description: We will incorporate learning with fun, with one of the children's favorite toys ­ Legos! Classes will be focused on engineering, design, and creativity. Some of the topics the class will experience are ziplines, towers, race cars, and "build your own". We do incorporate free time in each class so that the children can take time to create their own independent creations as well.



    Wednesdays: 8 weeks

    Cost:  $165

    Class Description:  Class Description: A young beginner's approach to piano instruction for grades 2nd to 5th. This fun­filled program teaches your child basic music theory, rhythmic reading, sight­reading, identification of keyboard letter names, and development of the five finger dexterity of both hands. Your child will be able to play familiar songs by the end of this program.

    Science Made Fun!

    Wednesdays: 9 weeks


    Cost: $130

    Class Description: Run by High Touch High Tech. Each week your budding scientist will get totally hands­on with different, FUN science experiments. Digging for gems like emeralds, robotics, investigating body systems, experimenting with cool chemicals, learning about awesome animals, launching rockets, seeing the world through bug eyes, and so much more! All programs contain safe, age appropriate experiments, and are let by an educated, caring scientist, who loves making science FUN!


    All Dolled Up

    Thursdays: 6 weeks

    Grades: 3-5

    Cost:  $135

    Class Description: Our older doll lovers will build, paint and decorate a doll­ sized wooden Patisserie complete with cake stands for desserts of all kinds.

    They will also design and embellish a fancy dress and make matching beaded jewelry. They will paint and decorate a jewelry box to store their jewelry treasures. The girls will vote to have either a Luau or Spring party for the last class and we will make crafts for that theme.



    Thursdays: 6 weeks

    Grades: All

    Cost:  $75

    Class Description: Students will focus on basic rules and strategies of the game. We will learn all the special rules such as castling, promotion and en passant, and discover exciting tactics such as pins, forks, and skewers. We will analyze famous chess games and learn chess history. Several chess variants will be played, including Take Me, Bughouse and Pawn Football. Children will practice visualization, critical­thinking, pattern recognition and logic skills in this course. Join us! All skill levels welcome ­ lessons vary each semester.

    Golf Squad

    Thursdays: 8 weeks

    Grades: K-5

    Cost: $185

    Class Description: CLASS DESCRIPTION: Golf Squad at Woodland Heights Elementary is for both new and continuing students and provides weekly opportunities for your child to learn social skills required to enjoy golf, the clubs, and golf course (i.e. vocabulary, etiquette, rules, history, etc.) all under the instruction of a PGA Professional. For more information, please see Golf Squad’s website: http://golfsquad.com/programs/nc/clt/woodland-heights.



    Fridays: 5 weeks from 2:30-4:00 pm.  

    Grades: K-5

    Cost: $100 Includes Family Manual, Tee Shirt, Wristband, Daily Prizes, and EMPOWERMENT!

    Class Description: radKIDS puts the safety of kids in their own hands by SHOWING them how to be safe, not just by TELLING them what to do.

    radKIDS Lake Norman is dedicated to providing children with a hands­on, activity­based, physical skill development program. It empowers children with instinctual options they need to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary, respond to potential danger. We guarantee your child will KNOW MORE after attending a radKIDS program. Visit radkidslakenorman.com for videos and full details. 


    When empowered with realistic and instinctive skills to escape violence or harm, a radKID's mindset turns from "HELP ME, HELP ME!" to "HOW DARE YOU HURT ME!" We guarantee your child will KNOW MORE after attending a radKIDS program.

    Class Documents: