School Profile - Woodland Heights Elementary


    Vision:  Ensure exemplary K-5 education that inspires excellence and success within every learner.

    Mission:  Woodland Heights Elementary will challenge our students to be responsible and caring problem-solvers and life-long learners. 

    Motto:  Soaring to New Heights

    Slogan:  We Help Everyone Succeed

    Core Values:  Woodland Heights maintains the following core values:

    ·      Student and learning focus

    ·      Highly qualified, motivated faculty and staff

    ·      Partnerships and Teamwork

    ·      Continuous Improvement Focus

    ·      Management by fact

    ·      Results focus

    Demographics:  Woodland Heights Elementary opened in August of 2005 with 978 students.  Our current enrollment is 800 students K-5. Our school is comprised of 94% White, .7% Black, 3% Hispanic, .1% Multi-Racial, 1% Asian, and .1% American Indian.  We have 7% free and reduced lunch. 

    Program Offerings:  Our school offers the North Carolina standard Common Core curriculum.  We have enhancements in Art, P.E., Music, Technology, Media Center, and we also have a Science Lab. 

    Our students participate in the Science Fair, Math Expo, Battle of the Books, Chess, and other sponsored programs. 

    Results:  WHE’s End of Grade composite is 83.4% proficiency. 



    WHES School Improvement Plan

    WHES School Communications Plan