• Class Rules:
    1. Be respectful of others
    2. Be responsible, follow all directions, and do your best!
    3. Have good manners and a positive attitude.
    4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.


    I have a clip chart hanging in the classroom. Each student has a clip with their number on it. There are four colors. Green means that everything is fine and your child has been good that day. Yellow is the next color and that is a warning. Orange comes next. If your child gets on orange they will have silent lunch and possibly working lunch (if they have unfinished work). Red is the last color. This is a phone call home, note home, or possibly trip to the office. If your child does not turn in their homework on the day it is due they will have to move their clip. Other things that could cause them to move their clip could be: not listening and following directions, being disrespectful to a teacher, etc. I will communicate with you and let you know how your child has done that day through their homework folder.  If your child is on a color other than green I will write the reason they had to move their clip. Please check their folder every day and sign it!


    Your child will have the opportunity to earn money. They will earn it by having good behavior, following directions, etc. They can also earn it at the end of the day if they are on green. At the end of each week we will open up a “store” for them to buy things. I am going to give the children some input on what will be in the store, but some examples are a lunch buddy and homework pass. Each item on the list will cost different amounts so your child will have to keep up with how much money they have and then decide if they have enough to buy something.

    Class Dojo: 
    Your child can earn and lose points on class dojo each day. I encourage you to go online and check your child's daily progress. Your child can earn points for things such as: following directions, helping a classmate, participation, etc. He/she may lose points for things such as: no name on work, not following along, being off task, etc. Your child will earn rewards as they hit certain point levels.  
Last Modified on October 21, 2015