• Bloodborne Pathogen Training: Introduction
    Not every school employee is occupationally exposed to bloodborne pathogens.  It is still important for all employees to understand the dangers of infection to these pathogens and safe practices to minimize their risk.
    It is recommended that all employees review this course yearly.
    It is REQUIRED by OSHA guidelines that all employees in a High Risk position complete this course yearly.  This course must be completed before the tenth (10th) working day of each school year or the tenth (10th) working day of employment for new employees hired after the beginning of the school year.
    For employees required (High Risk) to complete this course yearly:
    After viewing the sessions, you must meet with your school nurse for review.  Please ask questions and clarify information pertaining to bloodborne pathogen procedures during the meeting with the school nurse.  Prior to the meeting, print and review the Training Acknowledgement Form (Session 9); take the form to the meeting with the school nurse.
    Each school has an Exposure Control Plan in the school office, teachers lounge, and school nurse office for employee reference.  Your school nurse is available for questions.  Click the links below to begin the training.  These links are repeated at the bottom of each information page for easy navigation.
    The following links provide additional information:
    Handwashing (Click here to watch a video of the correct way to wash your hands.)
    Gloves (Click here to watch a video of the proper procedure to put on and remove your gloves.)
    Mask (Click here to watch a video on how to put on a mask.)
    OSHA (Click here to view the website that contains the complete standard.)
    Hepatitis B Vaccine (Click here to view the vaccine information sheet.)
Last Modified on February 25, 2010