• Kindergarten Information
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    Breakfast and lunch

    If you haven’t already received one, you may receive “free/reduced lunch forms from the cafeteria management or front office.  If you do fill out a form, please know that you will receive notification if you qualify or not (usually within 1-2 weeks).  Until you receive that notification, you have to pre-pay for each meal at full cost or you may send a bag lunch.


    Cloverleaf cafeteria provides breakfast for children who choose to eat at school.  The children go to the cafeteria before coming to the classroom if they want to eat.  Please speak with your child about this, so your child knows what you want him/her to do in the mornings before they see me.

    Meal price is $1.35 unless you qualify for reduced cost, in which case the price is $0.30.  Meals should be pre-paid (see LUNCH section for more information on payments).

    If you wish for your child to eat breakfast, your child will need to have his/her student number available.  Most parents choose to put it in or on the child’s backpack, so it is with him/her in the mornings, rather than requiring their child to memorize it.


    You may choose to pack your child’s lunch or have your child purchase items at school.  Meal price is $2.40 unless you qualify for a reduced cost, in which case the price is $0.40.  For snack foods such as chips and ice cream, etc. it is an additional cost.  The costs for snacks range from $0.75 to $2.00, depending upon what is chosen.  All meals should be pre-paid and can be done weekly or monthly. It should not be sent in daily.   

    Meals can be paid in different ways.  1) You can choose to send cash or checks to school through your child, if you feel the money is safe and will not be lost.  If so, you MUST place the money in a zip-lock bag and enclose a piece of paper with your child’s name, your child’s student number, teacher name, the purpose for the money, and the amount of money you are sending.                   Example: Jane Doe     12345     Mrs. Henderson     cafeteria     $4.00      
    All money should be sent to me through the daily communication folder. I check folders each morning. Money sent in without all required elements will be sent back home.  If you also want to specify to the cafeteria whether or not any of that money can be used for snacks you may do so on that paper.  If you do not make any specifications, the cafeteria will assume it is fine for any/all money to be used for snacks.  Many parents like to limit their child’s snack intake by specifying to the cafeteria certain days of the week their child can get snacks, like “snacks only on Fridays,” etc.  If you choose to do so, that is fine.  All these specifications need to be done in the form of a written note.  The cafeteria will then enter all your notations into their computer so it pops up each time they enter your child’s student number.  2) Most parents prefer not to have to send money with their child to school.  They prefer to pay online.  This also allows you to view how much money is in the account at any time.  You can look into this option by going to
    www.iss.k12.nc.us then click on “Departments”, then “Child Nutrition”, then “On-line Payments."

    Other money

    Anytime you send in money to school (field trips, fundraisers, picture money, etc.), it should be handled in the same way as it is for the cafeteria (informing of child’s name, child’s student number, teacher name, the amount of the money and the purpose of the money). All money should be in an envelope or zip-lock bag and completely labeled.

    Rest time

    Although we do have rest time built in toward the end of our school day,

    Ms. Meshelle and I usually try to use that time to assess children’s educational progress, as well as work with children one-on-one from time to time if there are areas in which we see them struggling.  So, your child may not have rest time every single day.  Please don’t forget to send in a towel or blanket (with your child’s name written on the label) in his her backpack on Mondays. Our floor is cold and hard and I do not have extra towels on hand. Students will bring them home on Fridays to be washed.

    Daily Communication Folders

    DAILY:  The daily communication folder will go home and back to school daily Monday through Friday.  In it, I will place notes from me, administration, or outside sources. Also, if you need to send me a note, please place it in the communication folder. Any additional written homework will be sent home in the folder and it should be completed and returned the next morning in the folder. Please remind students to write their name on it.

    There is also a Behavior Calendar in the folder that will need to be reviewed and initialed each night. I certainly do not expect your child to be perfect, so I will not contact you about a concern mid- week, unless I feel a negative pattern is beginning.  On the other hand, if I have a true concern, I will either email you or give you a call.

    WEEKLY:   Your child will be bringing home work he/she did throughout that week.  Please keep in mind that in kindergarten, much of our work is done on the smartboard, through music and movement, talking and acting things out, so there aren’t as many papers used as you may be hoping to see.  

    Medicine policy

    Medicine should be given at home.  The school does not provide Tylenol, etc.  If medicine needs to be given during school hours, a form MUST be completed by your child’s doctor and sent to school.  The medicine cannot be transported on the bus. It must be transported to/from school by you.

    Toy policy

    Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school unless we have designated a “toy” day as a reward for good behavior on the part of the entire class. 

    Student information policy

    Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if there is a change in your phone number or emergency contact numbers.  It can be frightening for your child and for us, if they become ill during the day and we can’t reach you!
    Parent conferences

    In the fall, we have our first parent-teacher conference at school to discuss your child’s progress.  Other conferences will be scheduled as necessary throughout the year.  It is important to come at your scheduled time so that you will be better informed about your child’s work habits, social skills, behavior, and academic progress.  The children will also receive report cards every 9 weeks.  Progress reports will be sent at the mid-point of each grading period.


    Each child needs to bring a backpack to school every day that is roomy enough to fit folders and towel/blanket inside.  Each evening you will need to check the backpack for books and any written notices that have been sent home in the daily communication folder.  Please do not let your child's folder fill up with unread papers.

    Homework policy

    This is a precious time with your children and I am a firm believer that homework for a kindergartener should be a fun time for the family.  Make memories that will last a lifetime – they grow up too quickly (Take my word for it!).  Nightly readers should be read together at the very least three times per week.  Beginning sometime in Sept., the library book your child selects each week should be read together at the very least once per week. 

    Beginning in Sept., I will send a monthly homework calendar.  Please make sure to do the activity with your child each night.  If I have any concerns about any of your child’s academics, I will write a note to you to suggest you work on that specific skill with your child.

    Birthday parties

    If you would like to send cupcakes or a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday, please let us know.  State Regulations require that all food items must be store bought and still sealed.  It can no longer be homemade items.  We typically celebrate the birthday during lunchtime.  The treats can be brought in the morning if you cannot attend the celebration during lunch.  If you prefer to come eat with your child that day, you can just bring the treat with you when you come. 

    Independence from your child

    At the beginning of the school year, we understand that parents like to walk their child to the classroom, especially since this is such a big school.  If you choose to do this, please be certain to come through the front office to do so between 7:15-7:30 am and take that opportunity to talk your child through the process of looking for the key “landmarks” so he/she can learn his/her way to the classroom.  At some point in September, all kinder parents will be informed of the last day that they can walk their children to the classroom.  At that point, you will be asked to drive through the morning car rider line to let your child out and a staff member will be there to assist your child. 

    Change of clothes

    A change of clothes (under and outer wear) is a good thing for you to send in a large labeled zip-lock bag.  Your child can keep it in their cubby rather than in the backpack, so it isn’t constantly traveling to and from school.  Many times children have bathroom accidents as well as spills in the lunchroom that necessitate changing clothes mid-day.  By having the change of clothes at school, it will save you an additional trip to the school if an accident occurs.


    After your child has been absent, you MUST send a written note the following day in the daily communication folder, which tells the reason your child was not at school.  Make sure that you read the district attendance policy.  It is very strict.  School begins promptly at 7:30 am.  Your child will be counted tardy after that time.  There is also a form you can complete online, which sends the information directly to staff that are in charge of management of absences.  This frees you from having to send the hand written note through me to them. 

    Getting home from school

    Getting each child home safely is a chief concern, believe it or not.   So, please help me keep your child safe and sound by communicating with me.  A written note, placed inside your child’s folder is required if there is any change in the way your child is getting home from school any afternoon.  This note MUST include your child’s full name, teacher name, date, and your signature.  Also on the note please indicate who will be picking him/her up and give the phone number where that person can be reached.  I will make a notation to myself, but the original note still must go to the office for approval.    

    If your child is to be picked up early, he/she must be signed out by the person picking him/her up in the front office before 1:30pm. 

    If you find out during the school day that your child needs to go home in another manner, call to the school office or come to the school office BEFORE 1:30pm, to speak with office personnel to request special permission.
    Any transportation change must be done in writing and sent to me in the daily communication folder each morning. Our front office does not accept transportation changes over the phone. 

    IMPORTANT:  When entering Cloverleaf for any reason, you MUST stop in the front office for a Visitor’s badge before proceeding into the hallways of the school.  Thank you for helping us keep your child safe!



Last Modified on August 20, 2015