• aThe 3 Rs
    1.  Respect Yourself
    2.  Respect Others
    3.  Respect Your School
    aOur Classroom Rules
    1.  Follow Directions
    2.  Feet and Hands to Yourself
    3.  Soft Voices Inside
    4.  Work Together as a Team
    aBehavior Chart

    The teacher will move the clothespin of the child to a specific color code to exhibit the behaviors shown during class each day.  Everyday we start new on the behavior chart with all students starting on Green.


    Blue              =      Outstanding                      J


    Green            =       Ready to Work (All students will start here.)


    Yellow                 Change Your Behavior!      L

    Red               =       STOP, do the right thing!   L

    Black             =       Parent Contact                  L

Last Modified on October 12, 2015