• We are working on our reading skills.  When we read a book there are specific questions we ask the children.  They are as follows using the Retelling Hand.
    Title:  What is the name of the story?
    Author/ Illustrator:  Who wrote the story?  Who made the pictures?                              
    Character(s):  Who is / are the character)s) in the story?    Are they people or animals or objects?
                           Who is /are the  main character(s)?  How do you know?
    Setting:  Where is the story happening? (more the answer inside or outside)When is the story   happening?
    Problem:  What is the problem in the story?  Who does the problem include from the story?
    Solution:  How was the problem solved?  Who in the story helped solve the problem?
    Connections:  Text to Self- How does this story make you think of something that has happened in your life?    Text to Text-  What other story does this make you think of?   Text to World- How does this story make you think of something that happens in the world of other people's lives?
    Critical Stance:  How did the main character(s) change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?  (Reading a quote from the story) Ask if it is a fact or an opinion. Why did the author write the words in (italics, all capitals, in bold, etc.)?
Last Modified on October 12, 2015