• Are Driver Education teaching materials marketed to home schoolers for teaching the course to their own children at home acceptable for use in obtaining a North Carolina drivers' permit/license?
    No.  See "Where to enroll/obtain" below for additional information.
    Also, see G.S. 20-11(b)(1) and 20-88.1.
    Completion certificate expiration date:
    The official North Carolina Driver Education course completion certificate which is awarded to students under age 18 by the state-approved Driver Education course instructor has no expiration date. 
    Successful completion of the official North Carolina Driver Education course is not required for age 18 and older adults in order to obtain a North Carolina drivers' license.
    Is the North Carolina Driver Education course required for age 18 or older persons?
    Length of it:
    It must consist of 30 hours of classroom plus 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction.
    May a student enrolled in a distance learning program (such as a correspondence, web, or "umbrella" program) take the North Carolina Driver Education course free at a local public school?
    No.  However, if the student is enrolled in a North Carolina home school which is currently and properly registered with DNPE (and the home school is satisfying all North Carolina laws governing it), the service will be provided with a fee that has been approved by our Board of Education on a one-time basis by the local public school to which the student would otherwise be assigned to attend.
    May it be taught before and after school and during the summer?
    Yes.  In fact, the State Board of Education encourages North Carolina public schools to teach Driver Education in the afternoons, on Saturdays, and especially in the summer.
    May it be taught during the school day?
    Must LD students also successfully pass the classroom phase test?
    Yes.  However, certain test modifications may be utilized for such students.  These students must also successfully pass the driving phase.
    What types of instructors can be utilized?
    Only certified public school teachers; commercial driving school instructors; or, individuals who are either DPI Driver Education or DMV licensed instructors can be used.
    When going to the local DMV office to initially obtain a North Carolina driving permit, what items will be requested for individuals under age 18?
    Four items:
    • A birth certificate;
    • A North Carolina driver education course completion certificate obtained from the driver education instructor (after the student has successfully passed the course);
    • A student driving eligibility certificate issued by the chief administrator (or his/her designee) of the non-public school in which the student is currently enrolled (or his/her high school diploma);
    • A social security card.
    Where to enroll/obtain:
    It is available only through two sources -- from the local public high school where your student would otherwise be attending; or, you may pay to enroll the student in a local professional state approved driver training program. 
    Please note, however, that minors attending an out of state non-public or public school cannot receive free Driver Education in a North Carolina public school. It is provided free of charge only to students enrolled in schools within the geographic borders of North Carolina. See G.S. 20-88.1. Minors attending school outside the State of North Carolina but who reside in North Carolina must attend, at their own expense, one of the NC Division of Motor Vehicles certified commercial driving schools throughout North Carolina which issues an official North Carolina Driver Education Certification of Completion.  Also, see "Out of State School Attendance".
    Parent (or other) taught Driver Education courses are unacceptable toward obtaining a North Carolina drivers' permit/license. 
    Which public school is responsible for teaching it to non-public school students?
    The local North Carolina public school that serves the district that surrounds the non-public school must provide it at no cost to the non-public school student.
    Who is eligible to take it in the Public Schools of North Carolina?
    According to G.S. 115C-215: In accordance with criteria and standards approved by the State Board of Education, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction shall organize and administer a standardized program of driver education to be offered at the public high schools of this State for all physically and mentally qualified persons who (i) are older than 14 years and six months, (ii) are approved by the principal of the school, pursuant to rules adopted by the State Board of Education, (iii) are enrolled in a public or private high school within the State or are receiving instruction through a home school as provided by Part 3 of Article 39 of Chapter 115C of the General Statutes, and (iv) have not previously enrolled in the program.  The State Board of Education shall use for this purpose all funds appropriate to it for this purpose and may use all other funds that become available for its use for this purpose.
    Who may be the supervising driver of a student holding a level 1 permit and a level 2 license?
    A supervising driver shall be a parent or guardian of the permit holder or license holder; or, a responsible person approved by the parent or guardian or the NC DMV. 
    A supervising driver shall be a licensed driver who has been licensed to drive for at least five years.
    What will be on the writtenm sign and driving tests?