• 2nd Grade Essential Skills

    I can use 2 or more locomotor skills to move in different pathways, levels or directions.
    I can throw or catch with balance and follow through.
    I can change locomotor movements smoothly.
    I can use non-locomotor and locomotor skills together in different ways.
    I can use different equipment while moving.
    I can show and tell three or more cues of throwing, cataching, dribbling, striking, or kicking.
    I can understand and use what my teacher/friend tells me to make my skills better.
    I can show exercises for three or more of the five parts of fitness. 
    I can recognize three or more parts of fitness components and the exercises that go along with each one.
    I can tell fun things to do that will help you exercise longer.
    I can play everyday to raise my breathing and heart rate.
    I can tell you why working together in a group is important.
    I can tell you why being nice and helpful makes activities more fun.
    I can play safely with little or no reminders.
    I can show kindness to others through words and actions.
    I can tell ways to show respect and responsibility.
    I can tell how the way I feel about myself affects the way I play.
    I can name activities/games to help me to be healthy.
    I can tell the difference between being active and inactive.
    I can play games with my family