• 3rd Grade Essential Skills:

    I can move in different ways using different sports skills.
    I can do different sport skills while moving in different pathways.
    I can move in different ways around obstacles using different pattern.
    I can dance and do rhythmic patterns.
    I can record how much I pay during and after school.
    I can correctly perform sports related skills I learned in PE.
    I can assess myself and a partner by using a rubric (checklist).
    I can match an activity to a health related fitness component.
    I an use the pretest to determine the areas I need to work on.
    I can write a list of activities I enjoy/dislike outside of school.
    I can participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity.
    I can practice self-control.
    I can use cooperation while working to achieve a goal.
    I can tell you why it is important to work together.
    I can find activities/games to play after school.