• 5th Grade Essential Skills:
    I can move and use equipment successfully while performing different games, sports,or activities.
    I can perform complex skills(pivoting while throwing, twisting and striking, and jumping and landing) with power and accuracy.
    I can show locomotor and manipulative skills in a variety of activities that are commonly and not commonly played.
    I can make my own smooth rhythmic patterns.
    I can apply science principles to physical education through movement.
    I can use feedback to help myself and others improve movement and skills.
    I can play both offense and defense in game situations.
    I can explain how the five components of fitness related to games and activities.
    I can complete the tests in Fitnessgram knowing the HFZ for my age and gender.
    I can use strategies to achieve my HFZ.
    I can participate in activities that improve my HFZ in all 5 areas of fitness.
    I can be responsible and respectful to myself and others.
    I can work with others to achieve goals.
    I can work cooperatively with everyone regardless of their culture.
    I can use MyPlate to increase physical activity.
    I can tell how being healthy affects my body, mind, feelings and other people.