• 4th Grade Essential Skills:
    I can combine a minimum of 2 locomotor skills with a minimum of 2 manipulative skills. (throw, catch, dribble, kick, strike, punt)
    I can create a movement skill pattern commonly used with different sports and activities.
    I can move within small sized games/drills in specific pathways while using locomotor and hands on skills.
    I can identify the pace of music in slow and fast rhythms.
    I can apply basic concepts of movement to improve myself.
    I can help my classmates improve through the skills I have learned.
    I can assess a classmate in a game situation using a rubric(checklist).
    I can list on exercise/activity associated with each health related component.
    I can understand and complete the Fitnessgram and how it applies to the body.
    I can evaluate myself and track it.
    I can monitor myself in order to adjust my physical activity.
    I can use self-control in the classroom setting.
    I can use teamwork to achieve common goals.
    I can understand and accept that everyone is different and work together.
    I can tell how food and play affect my heart.
    I can tell how food and play affect my weight.