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    Dear Parents/Guardians,
         Please work with your child on learning the classroom rules listed below.  We will go over the rules for the first month or more of school and discuss what are appropriate actions/activities for school.  In our classroom, we use a clip up/clip down system to help reinforce positive behaviors.  Our students will start out each day on green.  As they show positive behaviors they will clip up from green to blue, then to purple, and then pink.  When our students reach pink 10 times they will get to move their clip to the "hall of fame"!  If students are showing negative behavior in our class then they will clip down from green to yellow (think about it), if it continues down they will go down to orange, and finally red!  The wonderful thing about this system is that they can move up and down throughout the day so each student has a chance to make the best of their day. 
         Thank you for your help and support in keeping our classroom a fun learning environment.
    School Rules:
    Be safe.
    Be respectful.
    Be responsible.