• First Quarter Reading Essentials
    1.02    I can use prefixes and suffixes to help me understand the
               meanings of words.


    1.03    I can use what I already know and text features to understand
                what I read.


    2.01    I can use different strategies to help me understand what I read.


    2.02    I can use the text before, during and after reading to improve


    2.04a.  I can tell the author’s purpose for writing.


    2.04b.  I can identify the plot of a story.


    2.04d.  I can put the important events of a story in order.


    2.04g.  I can identify the main idea and the details to support it.


    3.06    I can gather information using a variety of resources.


    4.04    I can plan and organize before I write.


    4.06 can use my plan to write a story that focuses on the topic.


    5.02    I can use correct subject/verb agreement in my writing
              and speaking.


    5.04  I can write two or more focused paragraphs that include
              topic sentences and supporting details.


    5.08  I can read and write in cursive.
    Second Quarter Reading Essentials

    2.04c.  I can understand the problem in the story.


    2.04e.  I can understand the solution in the story.


    2.04h.  I can identify the cause and effect of events in a



    2.04i.  I can use the text to tell the difference between fact

               and opinion.


    2.04j.  I can understand what a character or author is 

              thinking or feeling in what I read.


    2.04k.  I can understand the language the author uses in

                what I read.


    2.05  I can combine clues from the text with what I already  

               know to draw a conclusion or make a generalization.


    2.06  I can summarize the main ideas from the text in my 

               own words.


    3.01  I can reflect on what I’ve read.


    3.02  I can use the texts to compare and contrast characters, 

               events, and ideas in what I read.


    3.05  I can read graphs, charts, and maps and gather

                information from them.


    3.06 I can gather information using a variety of resources.


    4.08  I can edit and revise my writing